September 2021

With summer (unfortunately) coming to an end and new colors of fall arriving soon, I wanted to share a big update for SPCN. Over the past 10 months, board members have shared many hours discussing our web site and how to best move forward with an update. I’m excited to announce that we are in the process of building a new site that will be more user-friendly, improve the process of becoming a member and renewing annually, and offer new ways to connect.

Change is never easy. However, as nurses, we make adaptations on a frequent basis in our professional lives. For the past 18 months, those adaptations have been significant due to the ever-changing demands of the pandemic. For me, I look back at how little we knew in March 2019 compared to the current scientific data and the millions who have now been vaccinated against COVID.  Nursing continues to be a profession with many opportunities to make a difference for many:  holding the hand of a patient as they say farewell to family and take their last breaths, performing telemedicine visits for those who prefer to avoid possible exposures, participating in research studies, administering influenza and COVID injections, and so on.  Across clinics, inpatient units, classrooms, surgical suites, and more, nurses are the constant of an ever-changing health care system. The dedication of a nurse is something many admire, but we also need to look out for each other and provide support and encouragement. Most importantly, we need to keep our mental health in check. If you note a colleague, friend or acquaintance appears stressed or not their usual self, please reach out and offer a listening ear. Change is a time for us to lean on each other and share our experiences and support.

We are looking forward to making more connections at the upcoming annual SPCN meeting on November 12, 2021. At this time, the meeting is scheduled as a hybrid event with the option to attend in person (Boston) or virtually. Last year we had record attendance as a virtual only event. We are hopeful to surpass that number again. Look for additional meeting details today! Prior to the annual meeting, we will be voting for the following offices: Vice President and Treasurer. As a member, consider this an opportunity to volunteer your time and become more active within the organization. For questions, feel free to contact a current board member.

Thank you to each of you for your commitment to nursing and SPCN. Let’s continue to move forward by supporting and encouraging each other through the remaining months of 2021. If you have suggestions for our organization, please feel free to share with myself or another board member. An active membership provides benefit for all.

Trudy A. Pierick, MSN, ARNP, CPNP, FAHA
SPCN President